Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Science 10:  Today we did Lab 10B, which you can complete at home if you were absent - any small object will do if you don't have corn kernels.   The graph in procedure step 5 is due on Friday, but Analysis a - i is not due.    We also spent an hour writing about our Energy Research project.  Use the guide below:

Science 10:  Impacts of Energy Transformations Article

General  Requirements

-       2 or 3 pages,  Times (font 12), 1.5X spacing
-       Title:  Bold, font 16, underlined
-       Descriptive Header and Footer
-       The article is saved and shared as a PDF file, with a useful file name


-text is informative and filled with key terms
-energy transformations are discussed
-impacts on people are explained
-impacts on land, water, or air are explained
-specific locations are referenced
-2 or 3 images are used to explain ideas
-images are labelled and captioned

Writing Quality

-concise, scientific writing style is used
-proper grammar and spelling are used
-a natural sequence of information makes the article easy to read.

Chemistry 11:  Complete the long orange Titration WS for Friday.  There will be 15 - 20 minutes for completing Lab 6D on Friday and it will be due on Monday.  Test on the Reactions Unit will be on the double block next week.

Science 10:  Read 10.3 and do pg 289 # 3-13.  I collected pg 283 # 3-13 today.

Chemistry 11:  Not homework due Wednesdays.  Today I collected lab 6B and 20C.  We began Lab 6D

Chemistry 12:  U4 # 25-30

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Science 10:  Today we had Graeme visit us to tell us about his adventure up the Columbia and to promote 3 Wildsight camps that are happening this summer. Click here to see information about the camps.

Chemistry 12:  Unit 4 # 16-24.  Be sure the # 1-14 is done too, from last week.

Chemistry 11:  Lab 20C and 6B are due Tuesday.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Term 3 Grades:  Please look over these and ensure there are no errors.  See me right away if you find a mistake.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Chemistry 11:  Today we did Lab 20C Part II.  For Monday, finish either the Conclusion for Lab 6B or Follow-up Questions for Lab 20C (# 1-8).

Chemistry 12:  Today we wrote the Solubility Test.  Unit 4 # 1-14 is due on Monday.

Science 10:  pg 283 # 3-13.  We will do #14 on Monday.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Science 10:  We started with an Intro to Nuclear Energy and a review of different types of Light Energy (TV waves, Radio waves, Microwaves, Infra-red, ROYGBIV colors (visible spectrum), UV, X-Rays, Gamma Rays).  After reading 10.1, we did pg 279 # 1-5 and 10-13.  In the second half we went to the Library and completed our last hour of research.

In your research, focus on the local and global impacts caused by the energy transformations that you are learning about.  Be sure to have a clear understanding of the energy transformations going on with your chosen topic.  Ask me if you do not understand the impacts, or do not know what information to research.  At the end of today's class  you were asked to share your notes document with Mr. Gale, like you did last day.  Next class we will figure out how to report the information.

Chemistry 12:  U4 # 1-14 due Monday.  Test on Solubility on Friday, the same day the Practice Test is due.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Science 10:  Today we read section 10.1 and did pg 279# 1-5 and 11-13 (in fine sentences) , but this is not due Friday.  Thanks for your assistance with the satisfaction surveys.  We spent the send hour in the library, researching about the impacts of energy transformations.  I asked that you share with me (through One Drive) the notes you created over the past 2 hours of research.

Chemistry 11: We did part I of Lab 20C (Titration).  We worked on the green stoichiometry WS.  I collected the WS titled "Predicting Reaction Products"